Sherwood cricket is a bespoke cricket bat making company located in Tallarook, 45 minutes north of Melbourne on the Hume Highway.

At Sherwood cricket, every bat is hand made by bat maker Hayden Sherwood using traditional podshaving techniques. This means that every bat is tailor made to your exact requirements giving you a personal service usually limited to the professionals.

Sherwood cricket also specialises in other services such as bat replication, refurbishment and bat repairs. Enquiries are welcome so please get in touch today!

Hayden Sherwood

  • The Game

    Cricket is a mental game, and only confident players make runs. Part of being confident is using a bat that is perfect for you.
  • Personal Service

    Hayden takes pride in ensuring that everything about your bat will help you achieve the standards you set. Being a totally custom service, everything is up to you. Handle length, shape and thickness, size, weight, balance, shape, label colour and even cleft selection. He also ensures that the finish is unlike any bat you have used before, some people have even displayed his bats as art!
  • Quality

    Hayden is an artisan cricket bat maker who specialises in custom made cricket bats for everyday cricketers to the professionals. He sculpts every bat that leaves the workshop from start to finish right here in central Victoria. He uses traditional methods and tools such as drawknifes, spokeshaves, planes and travishers to achieve a premium finish that is somewhere between sports equipment and furniture.
  • The Craft

    Recently Hayden had the pleasure of joining the Lost Trades Fair as an artisan, demonstrating the art of cricket bat making. He believes it is important to preserve and support the craft in times when mass produced bats dominate the market place, and usually at higher prices.
  • Materials

    Hayden ensures that your bat has been made from the highest quality materials. Each cleft is individually selected to match your bat's requirements. Your blade will always be made from English willow (Salix Alba Caerula), and perfectly fitted with the finest Sarawak Cane handle for outstanding performance. Our bats are then finished off with classy, minimalist decals.
  • Workshop

    Hayden is always happy to welcome visitors to the workshop, whether it is to order a new bat, or just to witness the work and the processes involved.

The Workshop